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J: I wouldn’t do anything that would hurt you.
E: I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you either. ..but would you say if I hurt you?
J: Yes.
E: What would you say?
J: Auw.



for the NOM in NOMAD: Budapest

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Hiya, it’s been a while. And the one thing that has not changed is my writing inconsistency. :D ..yay. I’m at least consistent in my inconsistency … .__.

But anyway! A quick life update is due, I guess.
In September I started my master’s degree, which I am now trying to graduate. Again. BOO. Haha, I’m just so tired. But then again, in comparison to everything else, I am still digging learning and the academic field of work. I find it to be most ..uplifting/rewarding, really. Being in an environment where curiosity is a mandate/way-of-life just feels ..right. It doooes get tiring af, but hey, it’s the least of the sacrifices I can/am willing to make. ;) So last February or so, I found a PhD position for sensor technology, and I applied just to ..see. To my surprise, I got it. whaaat. the. heeeell. :D So I’ll graduate this master’s soon, and start the PhD program at University Twente on mid October. :) More on that later, then. :)

Furthermore, I have just been working/derping around in Groningen, whichh is a MUCH better place than Assen, yo. I think imma even miss it. Well okay that does not say much, I got to miss a lot of places/things anyway. hahaha.

But anyway, getting to the post’s title. I’ve lived in/been to different places these past years, that I even felt like a nomad from time to time. It has its ups and downs. But one of the best perks: food. I’ve got to try different food, learnt to cook different things, heard about different food. So I think I’m gonna start a series of posts dedicated for this, aka the NOM in NOMAD. :D A small problem is that I haaate taking pics of food before eating them. I mean, you have food in front of you, go eat it goddammit! But well maybe I’ll figure something out.

To kick the series off: Budapest! I went to Budapest in April with the one and only Taija. We stayed for a week, at an Airbnb, perfect location, nice place+host, good rate! Hit me up if you ever need the contact.

The city itself was bonkers pretty. And as per uze, we ate our faces off. :) Two different food highlights tho: the spring festival at downtown Pest, and my first (well, okay maybe second) Michelin star experience! Idk if you can count Tim Ho Wan (dimsum place in HK), they do have Michelin star, and THUUUUPER GOOD dimsum (god i miss it), but the experience was totally different. :)

Here are pics from the city sight-seeing and the spring festival food. <3

As for the Michelin restaurant, we went Onyx, also in downtown Pest. We even had the tasting menu: an 8 course meal! And doy, what can I say, I even came to think that I had never ‘eaten’ before. I always thought that I wouldn’t be classy enough to be able to enjoy this kind of place (i.e. big plate, small chunks of pretty food in the middle), but hey proved me wrong. Because apparently I could, and I diiiid. I enjoyed it immensely. Hands down, best meal I’ve ever had. :) Best dish was their second: sashimi something. I had nevverr tasted something SO UMAMI yet so balanced and rich. And well, the pretty plates didn’t hurt either. :P I mean look at them:

photo credits: Taija Surma-aho (the Bebek)

That being said (and shown), I’d still go for taste before the ‘frill’ tho, e.g. one of their entrees, the supposedly ‘deconstructed’ Goulash soup, was too frilly that I didn’t really think they went together. Meat was served in a ravioli style, with separate broth. Broth was sooo downright beefy that it was overwhelming. I just didn’t get the goulash-y comfort from it. And actually the other entree, fawn, was also my least favorite course. It was the prettiest course, but the flavours were just ..unmingling, to say the least. But all in all, VERY rewarding experience. Worth every penny and the fact that I can only afford to eat dust-bunnies till the summer now. :)) haha.

Speaking of summer, the family is coming to Europe this summer!! For my grad, as well to travel! The moopa/mooma and the Andrew for 2 weeks-ish, and the Gabz for the whole month! :D ZO. EXCITED. Gonna make some more food-trips then FOSHO. ;)

Okay, I think it’s already too long a post for pointless ..blabla’s, haha. But it’s just somethings that I want to remember, with pretty pics. And this being the easiest platform for it, you may just have to deal with it. :)

Aight, gotta get back to work.

Szia, till lata! xx


Small Note on a Good Life

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“There isn’t time, so brief is life, for bickerings, apologies, heartburnings, callings to account. There is only time for loving, and but an instant, so to speak, for that.”



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So, remember last post, I was in Hong Kong and my biggest problem was that I couldn’t have as much fun as other exchange students?

Ooooh my goshy gosh, reading it back, I literally can’t even!
If I had known what I had ahead of me in the upcoming 6 months, I’d spend the fun time that I had to build a time machine so I can now go back and bitchslap my-past-self right there.


Tale of An Embreng Nomadic

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(prenote: ‘Embreng’ /ɛm-brɛng/ is a Javanese untranslatable word; it means ‘juvenile’ in some way, with a touch of ignorance and unthoughtfulness. Well, at least that’s the meaning I feel when my mother calls me that. I should not be held liable in case this is another case of ‘baraya’. :p)

Thus it was July of 2014. The place was Assen, a comatose city; 1700 km away from Rome, 9150 km from Hong Kong. An embreng lady — yes, lady — was forced to complete a sequential list of 8 items that would be the epicenter of her abroad (ahem) adventure in the next 6 months, and perhaps beyond. So there she was, sitting in the corner of her less-than-organized room, contemplating, desperate for a vision, or just any sort of approval would do her lotsa good too.

While all choices seemed so exciting and challenging, she could not shake the cynical echo on the back of her head. If the last two years have taught her a thing or two, one would be something about those projected idealism of study description.

Because, yeah, they don’t always translate. Therefore, when all judgement structure came tumbling down, she did what she knew best: to go by the Roman’s philosophy, uh doyee. “When in Rome”, right? Withal, this ended up with four unfamiliar classes of various (read: unconnected) fields AND a Chinese class quite high in the list.

Off she ventured still with this concept in mind. 3 months into it, she finds herself sitting behind her desk on a weekend, cursing at her-very-self.

The past three months have gained her some new wisdom. One, that the Chinese language is pure EVIL. Two, that the Roman’s philosophy is a lifestyle too costly for this nomadic life of hers.

Eversince she can remember, she has always idolized a carpe-diem-kind of nomadic life. Because it’s da shit, yo. However, it only took a month in a foreign land with a bunch of (ahum) business or languages or management students to show her that such philosophy actually comes with a high price.

The thing is, these burdenless exchange students can flaunt carpe-diem-ness of a whole other magnitude because, well, this semester is more of ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ kind of time. While for her, ‘living elsewhere’ is becoming more and more of a lifestyle. If she were to be as ‘carpe-diem’ as these fellow exchangees everytime she moved elsewhere, well, then guaranteed that she would not do anything for most of her lifetime. Don’t get her wrong, she still had her share of  ‘paved’ hill hiking, market exploring, getting lost, and of course, her Wednesdays free gin and tonics. But still, it is to minute scale when compared to what other exchangees are doing.

Amidst all that, after a month in, she realized the long term implication of her actions. And she cannot be more grateful that such thinking dawned on her rather soon. Because there has been some occasions she can ascertain, that she even thought of forsaking her whole view just to go ‘carpe-diem-ing’ with these people she barely knows. She always been one to regard learning as rewarding, that she learns for the sake of learning, not for grades. And for moments there, she thought of just learning some superficial stuff and pass the subjects on borderline since ‘it IS just an exchange semester, right? I don’t even know if my grades matter later, right?’.

Well, no. After all it is her final year, and for once, she actually has this opportunity to study something that she finds really interesting. Sure, it CAN indeed be just an exchange semester, but it can also be a semester where she learns a lot thus opening a whole exciting opportunity in her future career or academic field. She realized that either is a path to be chosen by her attitude at the very moment.

So, yes, she has been cursing at herself quite a lot throughout these past months.
But it’s okay, along with it she also acknowledged that she is also somewhat grateful for her ambitious, perhaps masochistic, past self. And thus she decides to dedicate her present self so that her future self has also just AS MUCH to curse her current-self over. ;) WELL. This kinda means to stop procrastinating with blog writing too. Ha. :P

Alright. Tchau-galau!

Hong Kong, a weekend before hell week



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Entah gimana,
Kamu melelangkan ketenangan tanpa kesendirian.
Ganjilnya, ketenangan ini gak berdamping dengan kesepian.
Jangan salah, bukannya saya gak suka sepi.
Momen-momen terasik kita tetap yang dalam sepi, ya gak sih?
Tapi denganmu, sepi dan ramai gak harus saling eksklusif.

I’m glad you’re doing well. Beneran.
Saya juga baik-baik kok disini.
Lagi-lagi mendapati science dan travelling menyita semua compassion yang saya mampukan.

We’ve come a long long way since we departed.
Sesalnya, jalan kita — sedekat apapun — tetap didapati paralel satu dengan yang lain.
Bukannya harus saling berpotongan atau gimana juga sih,
tapi dielektrik di antaranya ini, kadang terasa sangat mengasingkan.

Ah well, gak ada yang bisa dirubah juga.
Induksi silang dan arus non-Faraday insidental ini sudah lebih dari cukup kok.

Kiranya ini hanya cara saya buat bilang:
Kangen, tauk.
Baik-baik dan jaga diri, ya.


2014 Summer Recap xD

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So, iiiit’s about time for a Summer recap, eh? :P Well, I can justify it by saying that here, Summer did JUST end for me. Finally. This year I had perhaps 5-6 months of Summer. Okay, zzuuupa quick recap!

Well, I got the exchange to Hong Kong, been here 2,5 months already. :) And all those mules business? Eh, rather unnecessary. But then yea, somehow still good to have that kind of nervousness/excitement too tho. :)

So I moved out of Zilverschoonstraat. Phew that was painful. Got rid of TONSA stuff, said goodbye to everybody. Was not fun. :-/ But well, I’ll see them again soon ..enough.


Got home after a day and a half of travelling, while being sick, might I add. Haha, that was also so fun. :) But well, I managed.

Went to Ka Ela’s wedding. It was niiice. :D Everybody was there too.


Saw everybody back home. Also in Bandung, went to Yahya. :D Had BBQ night (as usual). Played cranium. xD
Had tahu bodo. And ofcourse, saw Powwi. <3 :) Good times.

bandung poli

Then went to Bali with Ka Geb  + Andrew. Fuh-uun. Then to Medan, to papa’s. :D And came here straight from Medan.


Me and my sinfully white leg.

Well, long story short, summer was tons of fun, saw lotsa people I missed, and FOOD. SO MUCH FOOD. It’s ridiculous. :D But that’s Indo after a year away for ya.

Okay, now it’s November in Hong Kong, and the temperature JUUUST dropped like in the last 10 days or so. It’s so nice now, like 19-25ish everytime. And this is the first week that I haven’t thought of going to the beach (well, beside of actually going to the beach). So, it’s kinda official then. It’s not summer anymore.

</summer> hahaha xD

For what I’ve done here in Hong Kong in detail, I’ll post other posts. :) Okiday, right now, Imma bed. I’m aiming for a productive day tomorrow!

Toodles, poodles! xx